Introducing Dave Fisher

With 25 years’ experience working in social housing as well as stints in the Civil Courts and working as a mediator, it’s very true to say that Dave Fisher has studied at the ‘University of Life.’ It is in fact Dave’s love of life and people and, of course, Birmingham, that made Dave want to become a tour guide in the first place.

Dave is a passionate and proud Brummie, born and raised in the city, and with an infectious enthusiasm for imparting how Birmingham has emerged as the world-class city it is today. Carrying out extensive research, Dave immerses himself in the subject matter and is always seeking those extra quirky and unusual facts and details that can bring the history of a place to life.

Having qualified as a Blue Badge Tour Guide (Heart of England region) in June 2016, Dave has carried out numerous tours across Birmingham in a variety of settings and in front of many wide-ranging audiences from school parties/students to groups of foreign visitors, members of U3A, and specialist beer and pub lovers.

Being a tour guide for Birmingham is a labour of love for Dave Fisher. You couldn’t hope for a more enthusiastic and entertaining guide to enlighten you about our wonderful city!


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