Terms & Conditions

All our tours must be pre-booked, so please be sure to click the Book Now Button for the tour you are interested in.
Tours must be paid for at the time of booking via this website using our secure booking system.
You can also book and pay over the phone during our office hours which are Monday to Friday 10am to 4.30pm.

Should you wish to check that your tour is taking place, please feel to contact us via our telephone number (0121 284 0909).
At the time of booking we will ask you for a mobile phone number. This is simply in case we need to contact you to notify you of any changes to the tour.
Other than for these reasons we will not contact you, nor will we pass your number on to third parties.

We reserve the right to make changes to any tour, or part of a tour, should circumstances beyond our control dictate. We will contact you if there are any major changes to a tour and will offer you the option of either switching to another date or tour, or of receiving a full refund. In the event of any last minute changes, such as road closures or none inclusion of advertised section, we will let you know at the start of the tour.

Unless otherwise stated on the walk's page the tours will be conducted by Carl Chinn. Some walks are advertised to be conducted by named guides who specialise in a particular area, subject or theme.
However, in the event of guide illness we reserve the right to substitute a named guide with another equally qualified guide.

We reserve the right to cancel a tour should the guide be taken ill or should Circumstances arise that make the operation of a tour impossible.
If we cancel a tour we will offer you the choice of either switching to another date or tour or of receiving a full refund of any monies you have paid to us.

Our tours take place irrespective of weather conditions. We go rain, shine and especially thick, thick, fog and snow. Please ensure that every member of your party is aware of this and ask them to dress according to the weather forecast. Bad weather does not constitute a valid reason for your cancelling a tour.

Tour participants are responsible for their own personal safety at all times. We ask that you pay attention when crossing roads and that you do so with your own personal safety in mind. We also ask you to be aware of any dangers, such as loose paving stones. We ask that any minors (under 16 years of age) are under the responsibility of the accompanying adult.

We reserve the right to refuse participation in a tour to anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We also ask that you do not bring alcohol to drink on the tour as the consumption of alcohol in certain parts of Birmingham is against the local by-laws and carries a fine.
Anyone whose behaviour is disruptive or is spoiling the enjoyment of a tour for other tour participants will be asked to leave the tour. No refunds will be given should this happen.

If you arrive late please be sure to call our telephone number (0121 284 0909) so that we can direct you to your tour. We can do this for up to 20 minutes after the designated start time of a tour. However, if it is more than 20 minutes we cannot guarantee to be able to get you to the tour. In the event of your being late no refunds will be given.

We positively encourage feedback on how you found the tour. If you enjoyed the tour and would like to let us know this then please feel free to do so via TripAdvisor! We particularly would like to hear if you felt that the tour fell short of your expectations in any way.


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